How Long Does It Take to Detox from Alcohol? Timeline and More

Skip the Monday blues and give a big hello to Primary Therapist at Lantana, Chip Eggleton, on this #MeetTheTeam Monday. Chip was inspired to pursue a substance use disorder treatment career after his experience with the recovery community. If you or someone you know is struggling with either condition, it is important to seek professional medical advice for quitting alcohol. So in this article, we will discuss these four stages of alcohol withdrawal to help you overcome alcohol and drug addiction effectively. Alcohol addiction is a Substance Use Disorder (SUD)that can have devastating effects on an individual’s health, relationships, and financial stability. SUD is a chronic disease characterized by the use of psychoactive substances, which impairs overall health and requires treatment.

  • “Today, I went to the grocery store, and I cannot believe how clear everything is getting. It’s amazing how foggy life was.”
  • After treatment, the patient should be referred to AA and urged to abstain from alcohol.
  • Currently, health experts do not know if any factors influence the timeline of alcohol withdrawal syndrome aside from how much alcohol an individual typically consumes.
  • For example, a person may be able to quit caffeine without assistance and cope with the unpleasant symptoms on their own until they pass.

This may be more pronounced if you often use alcohol as a way to manage existing sleep problems. Unfortunately, while alcohol may make it seem like you are falling asleep quicker, it can also lead to worse sleep quality. You may also begin to notice a number of improvements in your physical health. You’ll have more energy and stamina, and you may notice that your skin looks healthier. Alcoholics tend to have nutritional deficiencies and thus should be provided with folic and thiamine supplements.

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline: How Long Does Each Stage Last?

This is because quitting alcohol can be difficult, and without professional help, you may not be able to overcome your addiction safely. Professional help can provide you with guidance and support throughout the entire process, which can make quitting much easier. Alcohol addiction is a serious Sober Sayings and Sober Quotes medical condition that requires continuous supervision of a medical professional and a supportive environment. Especially during the detox process as it can sometimes lead to the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and tactile hallucinations.

Multiple factors can affect how long it may take you to withdraw from alcohol. A doctor will consider all these factors when estimating how long-lasting and how severe your symptoms may be. While it has been suggested that one or two drinks per day may have health benefits, one meta-analysis found that even moderate intake has serious health risks.

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